P.A.Y.S. On Demand Series

 About P.A.Y.S. On Demand...

On Demand is a bundle of training videos, audio files (MP3s), PDFs downloads (where applicable).  Each Series consists of 4 videos (45min-1Hr) and a BONUS video.  

This Bundle Includes...

Inspiration Series: People usually seek books, documentaries, mp3s, videos and seminars to bring them motivation. The problem is that they only gain short term satisfaction. This is because you cannot search for something on the “outside” to make you feel whole on the “inside.” Your success is not acquired. Your success is generated; but only if you spark it from within. The Inspiration Series will eliminate some of your self-destructive behaviors, align you with universal success principles, and reconnect you with your plan and purpose. Discover why the word “inspiration” begins with “IN.”

Foundation Series: What good is the framework, sheet rock, wiring and roof of a house if it’s all built on quicksand? You may have great intentions. You may be a hard worker. You may even have a decent work ethic. Your results, however, may still be average. The Foundation Series provides you with a sturdy platform for all of your success principles to take root, grow, expand, and bear fruit.

Elevation Series: Gaining financial freedom & flexibility require both a mental and physical advantage. If you knew how to get where you wanted to go, you would already be there. The Elevation Series provides the mental and physical aspects necessary for you to “level up!”

Motivation Series: Millionaire, Billionaires, Category Creators, Thought Leaders, and Industry Icons have shared success secrets for centuries. Your ability to merge their “old methods” in your “new era” is a vital piece to the puzzle. The world revolves around evolution. Accept it! America is based on Capitalism. Master it! Technology and information is at your fingertips. Embrace it! The Motivation Series blends them all together. ADD IT!


Transformation Series: Longevity is the key to higher commissions. Build more endurance with Mr. Beane’s unique approach to creating inspiration.