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Discover 3 Success Equations that helped Brian Beane retire at age 22!

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Productivity, Production or Profits

P.A.Y.S. Access

Personal Productivity

A comprehensive training curriculum designed to help individuals in 3 key areas of their life: Personal Growth, 

Multi Level Mastery

Team Production

A mastermind program revealing the secrets to world class frameworks, formulas and fundamentals to become a Top Producer in any MLM opportunity.

Extra Digit Movement

Corporate Profits

An organization of individuals ranging from soccer moms to aspiring entrepreneurs to professionals seeking to reveal the rules of the wealthy that were never taught in schools.

Who Is Brian Beane?

Brian Beane’s speaking style derives from a combination of book smarts and street smarts. His English degree from Morehouse College was his start, but bringing success principles to “your house” is his destination. Brian will deliver with conviction and lace his message with humor which ignites any audience.


Programs With Brian Beane

P.A.Y.S. On Demand

We have some bad news and some good news! The bad news is if you are just now hearing about Mr. Beane’s teachings, chances are you’ve never seen him LIVE on stage! The good news is over 15 years of training have been archived and recorded! Your P.A.YS. onDemand key unlocks the fault to over 20 years of personal and professional experiences and 30+ trainings ranging from “Goal Achieving Over Goal Setting” to “Creating New Habits” to “Building Business Endurance!” Download his P.A.Y.S. Points and allow Mr. Beane to “Unlock Your True Potential” with the touch of a button.

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Multi-Level Mastery Mastermind

Brian Beane’s Multi-Level Mastery Mastermind consists of aspiring networkers from all over the world. Participants are involved in industries ranging from Service to Travel to Wellness to Fitness to Finance. With over 15 years of full-time experience, Mr. Beane has been an industry leader, top producer, trainer, and even Vice President in all the aforementioned industries. He's hired for his unique ability to create then duplicate effective Frameworks, Fundamentals, and Formulas that all lead to your Financial Freedom! The secrets to true MLM success are finally being revealed, and it’s your turn! 

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I Am A Messenger

We are all a combination of unique experiences, choices, decisions, trials, tribulations, and celebrations that landed us precisely where we are today! In other words, we all have a story. The question is do you value it? Do you recognize that others can benefit from it? Do you realize that you can monetize it? Allow Mr.Beane’s “I am a Messenger” Program to formulate it and demonstrate that your story belongs to you, but your message belongs to the world!


Extra Digit Movement

Here’s a tough pill to swallow. Poor people and wealthy people all have the same 24hrs in a day; however, what separates them is not money. It’s knowledge. Take it from the man who was talented enough to generate over $1M in income from sales in his 20s, but lost his first $1M as well because he had no Strategy! After going from 3 figures every 2 weeks, to 4 figures per week, to 5 figures per month, to 6 figures per year and now a 7 figure career from home, Mr. Beane started the Extra Digit Movement. Finally the “Rules of the Wealthy” are being revealed in a way that everyone from college students to single mothers to lawyers can embrace it. Remember, “Money Talks, but Wealth Whispers!”

Find out what industry icons like Les Brown and Lisa Nichols have to say about Brian Beane 


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