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"I get so excited and fired up listening to Brian Beane because we are doing similar things in different areas." -Les Brown



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He can transform any audience in a very short period of time.

— Lisa Nichols —


People. Activity. YourSelf.

Re-Connect People: Our formulaic approach to Networking creates momentum in 5 distinct areas for both companies and organizations.

Re-Ignite Activity: Complacency is human nature. Corporations and human resource departments often use the A in PAYS to ACTIVATE their employees.

Re-Commit YourSelf: Faith, family, and finances will see their fair share of up and downs. We restore all the above.

“I use 20 years of personal and professional experience to empower thousands all over the world!” – Brian Beane



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Brian Beane is a force or nature like I have never seen before.  He will change your brand, community and life.

— Christopher Foltz, World Renowned Social Impact Strategist —

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What we offer
  • The Secrets of Sharpening Your Focus
  • How to Develop The Mindset to Reach the TOP
  • The Rules of the Wealthy
  • 42 Tracks (Access Based Empowerment)

Multi-Level Mastery

What we offer
  • How do you avoid “burn out?”
  • How do winners behave?
  • How do yo use anger to accomplish your goals?
  • How do you turn excuses into reasons?

P.A.Y.S. Rewind

What we offer
  • The Secrets of Sharpening Your Focus
  • How to Develop The Mindset to Reach the TOP
  • The Rules of the Wealthy
  • 42 Tracks (Access Based Empowerment)




What People Say

  • I was so, not just entertained, but moved and brought into his message. Powerful man, powerful message. And I’m honored to call him friend.

    — Sandra Yancey, eWomen Network —
  • Hats off to Brian Beane, one of the industries greatest trainers and leaders, a mentor I seek out as frequently as possible with the certainty that I will always walk away with at least one gold nugget and often a bag full.Brian Beane touches people in such a unique and effective way, that they learn and grow through laughter and tears – often without even realizing the profundity of the lessons they absorb. Where it does show up is in the results. Brian is an absolute master of developing leadership and success traits. In a fraction of the customary time, it seems as though a legion of leaders appear where none existed before, all moving to a single drum – the drum of prosperity – and walking the walk in unity, so as to allow many to join the ranks and participate. Worth seeking out and following all the way to the top…

    — Ridgley Goldsborough, A View From The Ridge —
  • Brian’s, skill level and approach to communicating with an audience is riveting. If you’re looking for an outstanding communicator, who really knows how to communicate with an audience, Brian is the guy!

    — Kym Yancey, eWomen Network —

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